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RIO TEN DECK available by request


Political Sci-Fi Drama Series | 6 x 1 hour | English

RIO TEN tells the story of the Five, a group of astronomers, who discover an alien signal and get caught in the turmoil of politics, secrecy, surveillance and national security interests when fighting to unite humanity to act as one unit when Earth faces the extraordinary consequences of the first contact with alien intelligence. 


DIRECTOR: Alfons Adetuyi
WRITER: Dennis Foon

PRODUCERS: Alfons Adetuyi (Inner City Films) and Michel Auret (Spier Films)
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Cora Tonno, Lisa di Michele, Thembisa Cochrane 

CO-PRODUCERS: Sidney Chiu (Canada) & Quinton Fredericks  (South Africa)


PRODUCTION PARTNERS: Inner City Films and Spier Films

Inner City Films (ICF) is an award-winning independent television and film production company, based in Toronto, specializing in international co-productions.

Spier Films is an award-winning production and finance company with offices in Cape Town, London and Reykjavik.

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