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Dramatic Series, 2006  –  13 Episodes x 1 hour

JOZI H, a hospital where modern medicine meets traditional African Healing;  where diseases no longer found in the first world remain a deadly challenge;  and the volume of violent crime forces interns to become world experts on trauma in weeks, rather than years.  On their own personal “tour of duty”, Jozi H key characters originally from Canada, the U.S. and Britain along with a local mix of doctors and nurses band together to form a dedicated, overworked, underpaid team of healthcare workers.

Produced by Inner City Films Inc.

In association with CBC – Canada & Morula Pictures in association with SABC, South Africa.


Nominations Gemini Awards 2007:

  • Best Dramatic Series

  • Best Direction in a Dramatic Series – “Fathers” and “Love in the Times of AIDS”

  • Best Performance by an Actress in a Guest Role Dramatic Series, L. Scott Caldwell – “Love in the Times of AIDS”

  • Leo Awards – Nominated, Best Direction in a Dramatic Series

Episode 1: Beginnings

When Duduzile Sibiya a girl woman haves a baby in a tree surrounded by flood waters, she is rescued by Dr. Jenny Langford and paramedic Simon Elliot in a dramatic helicopter rescue. Able who has a bullet wound to his head and Vusi whose arm has been suffered for black - magic purposes leave two international doctors, Dr. Russel Monsour and Dr. Grey Nash face with unique traumas.

Episode 2: Fathers

In addition to further operable challenges that are incontestable by the theft of JOZI-H, when patients don't make the "Red Line" questions are brought up about the system.


Episode 3: The Chosen 

While Dr. Ingrid Nyoka and Dr. Nthato Moraka share their history of deportation and reverting as strangers among their own people, Dr. Russ Monsour is swayed to espouse cultural heritage and that of his profession by divulging himself to the teaching of Nomsa, a Sangoma.

Episode 4: Brothers Keeper

While treating a young boy Kwame, who needs a knee operation Dr. Greg Nash soon finds that Kwame really suffers from something a great deal more inevitable.


Episode 5: Lightning

The question of advantageous treatment for high profile officials is brought up with the admission of Minister Albert Mzobe. That resulted in her fingers being crushed a talented Violinist is admitted to the hospital after a car accident.


Episode 6: Crush

When the crowd becomes rambunctious Greg's kind deed of taking Kwame to see a soccer match becomes calamitous putting Kwame already delicate life in danger.

Episode 7: Ex's

While Kwame's life is ostensibly stable, Greg and Ingrid work feverishly to save a coworkers life.

Episode 8: Blue Eyes

After a freak accident a paramedic at Jozi - H , Rocky Naylar rushes his daughter to the hospital, which rouse agonizing memories for Mike.


Episode 9: Smile

When Greg discovers the real reason his brother has come to see him their relationship is tested. With having to continue working with Ingrid Russ is riled and petitions for a that another trainee is selected.


Episode 10 : Rites of Passage

From illegal circumcisions three boys are rushed in for severe wounds. Russ has memories of his own initiation into manhood while Zane attempts to implicate the tradition behind this practice.


Episode 11: Life After Death

Looking for answers about her fathers disappearance in 1985, Dr. Ingrid discovers herself in Yeoville. On this travel she assists a patient named Simone looks for her daughter, Cathy.


Episode 12: Love in the Time of Aids

Ingrid meets up with a figure from the past that might know something about the disappearance of her father. For spiritual guidance Russ and Nomsa visits Bap' Umphemba were Russ finds the peace he has been looking for.


Episode 13: Forgiveness

Finding out that a forensic scientist has exhumed her fathers last remains Ingrid journeys to look at her fathers last resting place. Russ takes on a patients who diagnosis requires for a quarantine.

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