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Dreams of the Moon

Feature Film: Drama • Color | 95 minutes | English

A coming of age adventure inspired by a true story, Dreams of the Moon is set in 1971 against the backdrop of the secret NASA Apollo 16 training mission and tells the story of an African-American teenage girl who dreams of becoming an astronaut in her small mining town.

STARRING: Nia Long and Eden Duncan-Smith


DIRECTOR: Alfons Adetuyi
WRITER: Dennis Foon

PRODUCERS: Alfons Adetuyi, Michael Auret
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Cora Tonno, Nia Long, Gary Shapiro & Lisa di Michele

CO-PRODUCERS: Sidney Chiu (Canada) & Lulu Stone (South Africa)


PRODUCTION PARTNERS: Inner City Films and Spier Films

Inner City Films (ICF) is an award-winning independent television and film production company, based in Toronto, specializing in international co-productions.

Spier Films is an award-winning production and finance company with offices in Cape Town, London and Reykjavik.



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