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Skin Deep - The World

Documentary series – 8 x 1 hr

After the success of SKIN DEEP, a 104 episode lifestyle series that topped the ratings in Canada and sold in over 60 countries, Inner City Films explores the phenomenal growth of Medical Tourism around the world.

SKIN DEEP WORLD follows four women as they travel to the world’s most exotic destinations, meeting new friends and preparing to undertake one of the most intimate and dynamic transformations they will ever experience:  cosmetic surgery.  SKIN DEEP WORLD throws together four strangers in an emotion packed hour filled with the adrenaline rush of exploring new countries along with the excitement and tension of rediscovering their inner and outer beauty.  Watch new friendships form and personalities clash as these four women discover new cultures and adventures while learning to live life to the fullest.  Combining mind-blowing HD scenic travel footage with the emotionally up-lifting journey of makeover programming, SKIN DEEP WORLD’S exciting first season takes us to new countries (South Africa, India, Thailand, Brazil) – as each woman undergoes one or more cosmetic procedures.

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